Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression is a simple and easy process that allows you to get insights into your future.

How does it work?: In the focused state of hypnosis, a naturally occurring state which is akin to daydreaming, you can explore your most probable future, the one that will happen if you stay on the same path that you are on now; you can look five or even ten years into the future. This enables you to recognize any adjustments or changes you need to make in order to ensure that you achieve success and happiness in your life.

You can also explore alternative life paths, to perhaps see who or what you no longer want in your future and to see what other opportunities might be available to you. You may have an idea of something that you want to try out or perhaps it will be something that you hadn't thought of consciously.     

​It can help you to reconnect with the highest aspect of self- your intuitive part and it has no doubts; no fears; no sense of limitation and is more than clear about what you are really capable of. Once you have reconnected to this part you travel into the future to explore what your highest potential future will be. This can be mind-blowing and hugely inspirational and even though you may not feel the need to accomplish as much as you do in this space the knowledge that you can if you want to provides huge amounts of self-belief, confidence, motivation and a sense of inner power. From this place you can give yourself advice about the changes that need to be made in the here and now and the messages are always profound and deeply meaningful.