by iPage Reviews

Amethyst Gray

Amethyst Gray was born on the Isle of Wight, England and grew up close to Carisbrooke Castle. The Island, Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World on TV, fossils on the beach and crystals gave her a keen interest in history, hidden history and how everything came about. She was always good at Mathematics, so ended up taking a Physics degree at the University of London. That led to a career in IT before rediscovering her interest in crystals, alternative history and energy healing after moving to Wiltshire in the early 2010s.

Now as well as being accomplished in IT, Amethyst teaches Angelic Reiki, practices Access Bars, Emotional Freedom Technique, Future Life Progression and Past-Life Regression in the vicinity of Avebury stone circle.

She has given lectures on Atlantis and is in the process of publishing her Diana Garry book series. 'The Huntress' was released in August 2019 focussing upon Renaissance France, 'The Priestess', based upon Atlantis was published in March 2020. 'The Heiress' is slated for later in the 2020s with insights into survivors of the Titanic disaster. 

Additionally, she is collaborating with Steve Nicholls on 'The Little Book of Pyramids' series of books - available now!